The Benefits of Telemedicine

Available telemedicine services ensure you can continue to speak directly with interventional pain specialist, Jose De La Torre, MD, or nurse practitioner, Mandy Francis, during this unprecedented COVID-19 health pandemic.

How telemedicine works

Through several communication platforms, including phone calls and personal video chats, the medical team at New Tampa Interventional Pain & Sports Medicine make it easy for you to safely receive the advice or care you need.

You can expect to schedule your appointment time by calling the office. The team provides the necessary information for connecting with your provider, including the login information for your secure video chat.

During your virtual appointment, Mandy Francis or Dr. De La Torre can discuss any new symptoms you have or address issues that concern your existing treatment. They can also determine if you need to be seen in the office.

The many benefits of telemedicine

Telemedicine services provide you direct access to health care from the comfort of your own home. Through phone calls or video chats, you can reach out when you have pain or other health concerns without putting yourself at risk for other health complications.

Other benefits of telemedicine include:


Safety is always the top priority for the team at New Tampa Interventional & Sports Medicine. Though the new regulations surrounding COVID-19 focus on sheltering at home, it’s still important that you receive continuity in your care.

Through telemedicine services, you don’t have to leave your house to get help for back pain, migraines, or depression.

No long wait time

Prescheduled phone calls or video chats get you directly in touch with Dr. De La Torre or Mandy at a time that’s convenient for you.

Telemedicine services also help you avoid a long and unnecessary wait at the local emergency room.

Saves time and money

Because you don’t need to travel to the office to receive high-quality medical care, telemedicine saves you time and the cost of gas or other transportation.

Through the continuity in care you receive via telemedicine, you’re also less likely to be hospitalized or have to pay for other urgent care services.

More face-to-face time

Although telemedicine visits should never be a replacement for in-person health evaluations, they allow you to continue building a foundation with the New Tampa Interventional Pain & Sports Medicine team between visits.

Telemedicine services are also convenient for those with busy schedules who can’t always fit in an office visit. You can still make face-to-face contact with Dr. De La Torre even if you’re working or traveling out-of-town.

Care continuity

When you’re treating a chronic health condition, continuity in your care matters. Seeing different providers every time you have a new symptom or pain doesn’t ensure you receive the comprehensive care you need.

Through telemedicine, you don’t have to head to the emergency room or another doctor for immediate care. You can connect with Dr. De La Torre through video chat to determine what’s the right next step in your care.

The New Tampa Interventional Pain & Sports Medicine team still provides in-office visits on a limited basis for existing and new patients, even during the COVID-19 crisis. However, telemedicine gives you the option of not traveling to the office if you feel safer in your home.

Book a telemedicine appointment by calling New Tampa Interventional Pain & Sports Medicine or by requesting a visit through the online booking feature. 

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